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What are the different types of partnerships?

Partnerships brochure


  •  Become part of the World Forum partner network by helping us spread the word about this unique initiative. A media kit containing all the necessary communication materials (articles, newsletter content, sample tweets, graphics and banners) can be downloaded here.

Why should you become a partner ?

By becoming a Convergences World Forum partner, you are supporting an event that:

  • creates a space for thought and exchange allowing the decompartmentalization of actors and sectors toward a global vision
  • places a wide variety of initiatives by different actors at the heart of its programme
  • sheds light on various themes relating to international solidarity, the environment, the social and solidarity-based economy, social entrepreneurship, social business and microfinance

Becoming a Convergences World Forum network partner allows you to participate in a large-scale collaborative project to create a fair and sustainable world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.


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