Youth We Can!

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The Youth We Can! Evening is an event entirely dedicated to all young people looking to give a greater sense of meaning to their lives and careers.

Over the course of this evening, we hope to foster their desire to become true agents of change. It is an opportunity to meet young social entrepreneurs such as Ladislas de Toldi, founder of Leka; Isabelle Pontoizeau, founder of Epiceries Mobiles and Nathanaël Molle, director of Singa. By there side, Jean Bernou, Nicolas Hulot and Delphine Batho will testify and tell us more about heir hope.

Through facilitated activities and workshops, participants will be able to meet each other and exchange ideas on various current subjects. Finally, the evening will continue into a festive atmosphere.

They will be there :

Delphine Batho, Deputy

Jean Bernou, Chief Executive Officer, McCain Continental Europe

Emmanuel Davidenoff, Chief Editor, L’Etudiant

Nicolas Hulot, Founder of La Fondation pour la Nature et l’Homme

Judith Jakubowicz,  Executive Director, Convergences

Nathanaël Molle, Director, Singa

Isabelle Pontoizeau,  Co-founder, Epiceries Mobiles

Ladislas de Toldi, CEO / Co-founder,  Leka

Tuesday September 9th at 7:00 pm at Palais Brongniart

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