The 3 pillars of the World Forum

As we move towards new development and sustainability goals, the World Forum will tackle the following topic “Goal 2030: Building tomorrow’s world together” which will be broken down into 3 main pillars::

Pillar 1: A post-2015 global partnership for sustainable consumption and production


Excessive and increasing exploitation of natural resources cannot continue whereas world population is still growing and new economic and industrial powers are emerging. A systemic change in our consumption and production patterns is one of the major challenges of our century, for both developing and developed countries.
Convergences World Forum gathers citizens, consumers, companies, local authorities, media and solidarity-based actors in a collective thought process, to build an international partnership for a paradigm shift.

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Pillar 2: Sustainable development: New practices, new financing


The diversification of actors involved in the construction of the common good has been prominent step forward over the last years. As the role of actors is evolving, so are their practices and ways of funding: one can quote a greater implication of the beneficiaries of development projects, the emergence of diversified governance and business models, and the diversification of funders of development. How must each of these players adapt to the evolving financial, political and legal landscape to continue to maximize their social impact?

Discover all the conferences of the Pillar 1 in the programme.

Pillar 3: New technologies for change


The combination of new technologies and development has already proved to have been a positive impact: digital technologies including social web and crowdfunding, green technologies, frugal innovation… Far from being the exclusive property of Northern countries, new technologies are massively spreading in the South: there are now more cellular phones in Africa than in Europe or the United States. These technologies are changing profoundly the economic and social structure with the emergence of new ecosystems of values and practices. How can new technologies be powerful tools for a more inclusive economy?

Discover all the conferences of the Pillar 1 in the programme.

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